Meet Susan

Susan Phillips Hi! My name is Susan Phillips. Thanks for checking out my website. I named it Art Park because parks are so fun and so is art. I am also including artists from A2Z in order for them to showcase their designs and build a strong art community.

I became a Decorative Artist 20+ years ago. My sister taught me to paint at the kitchen table. I am very passionate about painting because it has opened up my world to traveling, new friendships and leadership opportunities. Additionally, It's such a great feeling of accomplishment when you finish a painting.  You think, Wow! I did that.

Anyone can paint! The more you paint, the better you get at it. Sit back, relax, get inspired and have FUN!

If you want to join some great people, there is an organization called the Society of Decorative Painters. It is International; they have chapters all around the world where they meet locally to share their love for painting and enjoy new friendships. Check them out at


Web World Plus, LLC 

Meet Melinda Barnes, my web developer.  

Melinda owns Web  World Plus, LLC and has developed many websites for SDP chapters and artists.

You can contact Melinda here.