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Susan Phillips




I’m Susan Phillips and my hope is you enjoy painting and want to PAINT, PAINT, PAINT! This website is a work in progress and will constantly be updated. We have more artists planned who will be adding their designs and more Prudy to come. Please check back frequently.


    Featured Artists

Prudy Vannier, CDA

Prudy Vannier

I'm Prudy Vannier. My art degree is in printmaking but my passion is painting and sharing my designs. Painting has given me unbelievable opportunities - building a publishing company for decorative painting books, travel all over the world teaching, and a profession that I have loved for 40 years. Today I still create and share with students of all ages including grandchildren. 

Miyuki Nakano, DACA

Miyuki Nakano

I’m Miyuki Nakano. I live in Osaka Japan. I met Tole painting in 1989. It was so great fun for me so I’ve learned many types of paintings in Japan and the USA. I learned a lot by teaching. It made me very happy but also I knew patience too. I think painting is like a lighthouse for my life. It always encouraged me and took a new turn. I’ve been teaching at USA conventions, such as Vegas, Hoot and OKC. It was my dream... I thank my generous family, students, and friends. Painting is always light up our life.